Why 90% of Classical Music Audiences never come back, with Aubrey Bergauer

We are joined by THE Aubrey Bergauer to talk about why classical musicians and organizations must make big changes to survive in our new world.

We talk about the trends in the classical music industry, why we must redefine who we think of as our audiences, how to program for audience building and retention, and how to change the concert experience to get first-time audiences to come again.

Podcast Interview with Aubrey Bergauer

Learn more about Aubrey and her work on building back classical music audiences at AubreyBergauer.com

Video Interview with Aubrey Bergauer

In this Episode:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:22 Introducing Aubrey Bergauer
  • 01:47 Defining “Building Back Audiences
  • 05:00 Why 90% of Classical Music Audiences never come back
  • 10:16 Programming for audience retention and growth
  • 14:54 Upleveling concerts with visuals and stories
  • 23:18 Plugs
  • 23:42 Outro

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