Welcome to Podium Time

Podium Time is a podcast for conductors hosted by Jeremy D. Cuebas (left) and Luke Lyons (right).

We have been interviewing great conductors and sharing those interviews here since we launched in August 2017.

What to expect from the Podium Time Podcast

  • Hour-ish long interviews with conductors released every two weeks.
  • The best advice that our guests have to offer to conductors who are just getting started or have been in the business for years
  • Interviews that dig into the important topics and things you won’t learn in school.
  • Real talks with conductors. No news-style interviews or boring promotion here. Our episodes are fun and informative or your money back (just kidding, it’s free!)

How can I listen to Podium Time?

You can listen right here on our website, or by searching for Podium Time in your favorite podcast player. Here are the links to some of the top platforms:

Where should I start?

With dozens of interviews to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming. You can check out our Best of Podium Time page to see our most popular episodes by topic. Or you can start with some of the links below.

PT1: JoAnn Falletta – Old but still good. Our very first interview suffers from a few technical glitches but is saved by JoAnn’s incredible information.

PT6: “Conducting Doesn’t Get Easier,” with Christopher Kelts – One of our earliest and most fun interviews, Luke and Jeremy talk with a long-time friend and teacher.

PT23: “Please Don’t Call Me Maestro,” with Brett Mitchell – discussing what happens when a new music director takes over, and what makes an assistant conductor candidate stand out.

PT42: “Kick-Ass Score Study,” with Kevin Noe – One of our all-time most popular episodes on taking your score study to the next level. Great for non-conductors as well.

PT61: “You Can’t Hide Behind Technique,” with Tito Muñoz – One of our favorite recent episodes. We dig into the definition of “musicianship” and how you can build it.

PT70: “Be a Place where Everybody Asks Questions,” with Christopher Rountree – We discuss the effect of the COVID-19 crisis on the world of music and how we can be creators instead of re-creators