PT98: “Learning Together: The Power of Conductors in Collaboration,” with Kevin Sütterlin and Mathias Elmer

Today we’ve got a special episode with the conducting collaboration duo of Kevin Suetterlin and Mathias Elmer, Co-Music Directors of Sinfonietta Memphis. 

In this episode, we dive into how two conductors (and friends) can collaborate and learn together, plus how they founded the orchestra and create incredible engagement in their education programs. 

This episode also features some fascinating new information that changes how we should consider Beethoven’s Metronome Markings and the story of how Kevin got a beer named after him!

Today we discuss:

  • How Kevin and Mathias met in Switzerland and each found their way to studying and conducting together in the U.S. (3:28)
  • How Kevin and Mathias founded Sinfonietta Memphis, a collaborative orchestra with two Music Directors focused on Classical Performance Practice (13:47)
  • The simple change to education programs that makes them wildly more engaging and effective at connecting with your community (23:33)
  • How Sinfonietta Memphis works like a family of musicians (27:48)
  • The Sinfonietta Memphis Academy for Classical Performance Practice and new information that changes how we should consider Beethoven’s Metronome Markings (32:48)
  • How Sinfonietta Memphis uses alternative venues and structures to connect with new symphony audiences (46:18)
  • Leading an orchestra during COVID-19 and how chamber music can help you and your players (55:36)
  • The Online Conducting Academy with Sinfonietta Memphis, Hidden Gems, and advice on creating a fulfilling career (1:00:19)

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