PT78: “How to be Relevant and Embrace your Community,” with Aram Demirjian

Today we speak with Aram Demirjian, Music Director of the Knoxville Symphony, about how he transitioned from an Assistant Conductor to a Music Director, how to determine what “relevant” means to your community, and why conductors are like politicians in our responsibilities, relationships, and the influence we wield.

You will learn:

  • How Aram transitioned from Assistant Conductor to Music Director, and the critical skills that you learn as an assistant for a major symphony orchestra.
  • Why it takes decades to become an effective conductor and leader
  • Why making mistakes in any job is inevitable, and why it’s crucial that we feel good about learning from them.
  • How conductors are like politicians in their responsibilities, relationships, and influence.
  • How to determine what “relevant” means in your communities, and how embracing your community leads to them embracing your organization
  • How Aram added contemporary music to Knoxville’s programs, and which concerts made the most impact on their audiences
  • How making music can be like brewing beer
  • How to plan a program that you know will only get one or zero rehearsal

For a similar discussion about making your orchestras relevant and making an impact in your community, listen to our recent episode with Teddy Abrams: How to Redefine the Orchestra for Maximum Impact.

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