PT96: “The Art of Becoming a Conductor,” with Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Today we talk with Miguel Harth-Bedoya about the fundamental skills and the lost art of ear training for becoming a conductor. He is actively creating one of the few undergraduate programs in conducting in the U.S. and explains while it’s critical for conductors to start their fundamental training much earlier.

Miguel Harth-Bedoya on:

  • Why it’s not unusual to start studying to be a conductor as an undergraduate, and the benefits of learning to conduct from the beginning instead of waiting until grad school (2:59)
  • Fundamental skills for conductors, and a curriculum for Miguel’s students (9:01)
  • How Miguel and the Conducting Institute have embraced technology to continue teaching valuable skills over distance during COVID-19 (18:13)
  • Why it’s important that we emphasize the fundamentals, and how our respect for the music extends through our preparation and to the audience (23:22)
  • The ABCs of score study and score reading, and why Fixed-do is superior to Moveable-do for conductors (28:13)
  • The attitudes critical to learning to become a successful conductor, and the marathon of preparation that was studying with Otto-Werner Mueller and Kurt Masur (36:26)
  • The lessons of life brought to Miguel through having children and giving a shallow performance of The Planets (47:59)
  • Why music is important, an unexpected hidden gem, and the power of a smile (56:31)

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