PT91: “Let’s Talk Off The Podium,” with Tigran Arakelyan

Today we’re very excited to feature a fellow conductor and podcaster, Tigran Arakelyan. Tigran is the host of Let’s Talk Off The Podium, a podcast of interviews with professional musicians of all disciplines, including Classical and Jazz. Today we talk about the variety of guests and musicians that Tigran on his podcast and his new radio show, how we can do the best possible with the orchestra that we have, whether that’s a professional, community, or youth group, and where to start if you’ve never listened to Let’s Talk Off The Podium.

After this episode, check out Jeremy’s interview on Tigran’s podcast, in which we talk about the origins of Podium Time, how Jeremy started his journey towards being a musician, and some sneak peeks into Jeremy’s non-musical life.

We Talk Off the Podium About:

  • An overview of Tigran’s fantastic podcast Let’s Talk Off The Podium and Tigran’s musical background (4:13)
  • Exploring a variety of musical styles and guests on the podcast and Tigran’s new radio show, Exploring Music (9:45)
  • The top 3 interviews from Let’s Talk Off The Podium, and how a heartbreaking story from David Harrington of the Kronos Quartet caught Tigran off-guard (18:06)
  • Tigran’s mentors and the most important lessons he’s learned as a growing conductor (27:36)
  • Doing the best possible with the orchestra that you have, regardless of whether it’s a professional, community, or youth group (33:07)
  • The most important unknown Armenian composer, Avet Terterian (41:16)
    • See Tigran’s suggested piece, the Symphony no. 3, below

Links for this episode:

Avet Terterian, Symphony no. 3

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