PT86: “Efficient Score Study, Methods for Memorization, and more,” with Kaleb Benda

Today we talk with Kaleb Benda, Artistic Director & Conductor of the Oklahoma Chamber Symphony, Assistant Conductor of the Enid Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the USAO Concert Band, and the #1 fan of Podium Time. We dig into how Kaleb handles lots of repertoire and how to study efficiently, the importance of creating your own opportunities, and how and why he conducts (almost) everything from memory.

Today we discuss:

  • Kaleb’s background and education (3:20)
  • Balancing repertoire for 3 different ensembles and efficient score study techniques (7:27)
  • Programming on a theme, and how to include audiences new to classical music (20:23)
  • Achieving efficient rehearsals through the 3-strikes rule and clarity (27:23)
  • We chat about music decorations and creative business cards (31:55)
  • Creating your own opportunities and the horrors of video cameras (36:23)
  • Cancelled concerts and Kaleb’s favorite music by Beethoven that you’ve probably never heard (44:54)
  • Kaleb’s most impactful workshop, and why he now conducts (almost) everything from memory (51:49)
  • How to prepare to start conducting from memory (55:33)
  • Hidden Gems and advice (1:03:00)

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