PT81: On Guest Conducting, Trust, and Working with a Manager, with George Jackson

This week we’re speaking with George Jackson, a London-Based conductor who works entirely as a freelancer and Guest Conductor. We’ve split this interview into three parts as an experiment we’re running on the podcast, and this first part is all about becoming and being successful as a guest conductor, as well as what it’s like working with a manager. Be sure to tune in to the next few episodes, all about how we can learn to be better conductors with less podium time, and how podcasts, film music, and Steve Reich can help revitalize classical music.

You will Learn:

  • How George started Guest Conducting, and why trust and reliability is critical for being successful and called for more work.
  • How conducting is like managing a restaurant
  • How a conducting career is about your network of relationships and trust
  • Misconceptions about Artistic Management
  • How a manager can help you achieve your goals as a conductor
  • Why you should develop a clear artistic profile of what you specialize in and what you offer to orchestras

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