PT8: Michael Patterson

Luke and I have mentioned the Bard Conductors Institute many times already in the few months that the podcast has been out, but today we finally talk with a friend from the Institute who decided to study at Bard after his experiences there. Michael Patterson just started his Master’s this Fall, and he’s already got plenty to say about it! Today we discuss his experiences at the Missouri State Conductor Workshop, conducting without tension, and studying with Harold Farberman.

Show notes for Episode 8
This week we discuss:

  • Why Jeremy sang on Luke’s recital
  • Missouri State Conducting Workshop 
  • Travis Cross
  • “The wind-world is like a family.”
  • Podium Time Episode 6!
  • “Motion of the Sound” with strings vs winds
  • “Music is music, musicianship is musicianship, and sound is sound, and that’s never going to change.”
  • Conducting with weight: resistance without tension.
    • There’s a difference between tension and muscle
  • Finding the ictus point right for your body
  • Howard Hansen
  • Christopher Kelts: “Gesture equals Sound
  • Studying with Harold Farberman
    • Farberman: The Art of Conducting Technique 
    • “Music makes technique.”
    • On becoming your own conductor and coming to conclusions on your own.
    • “Use the noggin: think, determine, research.”
  • Composer vs editor
    • And bowing parts
  • Elizabeth Green: Orchestral Bowing
  • Don’t study, but live with the music. Internalize it.
  • All the information is in the score
    • The big question is “why?”
      • Phrasing, Dynamics, Cues, Tempos: these all come before “score study”
    • “When do you decide when a group of people need you and don’t need you. And how come it’s your decision to decide when they need you and don’t need you?”

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