PT52: “To be a Servant,” with Erin Freeman

This week we talk with Erin Freeman about what to avoid when writing a pre-concert lecture, what it means to be a servant, and why you must make form charts.

This week we discuss:

  • Why you should conduct winds as if they’re pizzicato
  • What she learned from taking six conducting classes in her undergrad
  • What it means to be a servant
  • What to avoid when writing a pre-concert lecture
  • The first joke I’ve heard that combines conductors and violas
  • Why you should focus on the basics
  • Your job as a student
  • Erin walks Luke through considerations of Mozart’s Requiem
  • Conducting works with chorus for Orchestral Directors
  • How Erin’s study helped her prepare for a concert with only 12 hours’ notice
  • Why you need to make form charts
  • What instruments we would like to play
  • The Defiant Requiem Project
  • Why preparing requiems is fun
  • Louise Ferranc
  • Hidden Gems
  • Why you should remember Pablo Casals

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