PT48: “Study Scores!” with Ching-Chun Lai

From Gunther Schuller and Frank Battisti, Ching-Chun Lai learned how to approach scores as a composer and identify style and architecture. Today we speak about that and more as Ching-Chun walks us through her score study process, building the most important foundations of a conducting education, and making the most of your resources as a student. Plus, we talk about some of the drawbacks of getting a job right out of school and how to prepare for effective rehearsals.

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This week we discuss:

  • Ching-Chun’s Path to the Podium
  • Crane School of Music
  • Working on the details with Gunther Schuller
  • Studying the score like a composer
  • A walk through the score study process
  • Preparing for efficient rehearsal
  • Distancing yourself from a work you know aurally
  • Eight Songs for a Mad King
  • Foundations of a conducting education
  • Learn what you can about every instrument
  • Gstaad Mehunin Festival Academy
  • Drawbacks of getting a job early
  • Hidden Gems:
  • Ching-Chun’s billboard

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