PT39: 3 Steps to Forming an Ensemble

You’ve got recitals to schedule and you’ve got audition videos to make, but how? Today, Luke and I share our 3 Steps to Forming an Ensemble and getting players together for your recital: What, When, and Who.

Tune in to find out why this order is critical, how to keep rehearsals professional, and tips to improve your rehearsal technique.

This week we discuss:

  • Our furry guest-host
  • First ensembles
  • The 3 Steps to Forming an Ensemble:
    • What are you playing?
    • When are you playing?
    • Who is playing
  • Interview with Emilio Guarino
  • Difficulties of conducting your friends
  • Interview with JoAnn Falletta, round 2
  • Improving your rehearsal technique
  • Prepare for a performance
  • Deciding on your rehearsal schedule
  • Appreciate your musicians!

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