PT37: “Culture is an Ocean,” with Nick Carthy

Today we sat down to talk with Maestro Nick Carthy, who’s traveling the world as you read this! Maestro Nick is the opera conductor at CU Boulder as well as a regular guest conductor around the globe. He shares with us his incredible line of teachers, tips for entering the opera field, why Powder Her Face is a masterpiece, and our futures as conductors.

This week we discuss:

  • Nick Carthy with Karajan, Barenboim, and Solti
  • Watching Maazel
  • Carthy’s path to the podium
  • What you learn conducting opera
  • Score Study shortcomings and trends
  • Tips for entering the opera field
  • First three operas to learn and why
  • Interviews with Vishwa
  • On Powder Her Face
  • Carthy’s Billboard

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