PT35: The “Educator” Stigma, with Michael Isadore

On a reference from not one, but two of our listeners, we are speaking this week with Michael Isadore! Michael is a busy conductor, teacher, educator, and performer who leads players of all ages and experiences. We discuss teaching strings when you’re not a string player, why you should always play your instrument, and dealing with the “educator” stigma in our conducting culture.

This week we discuss:

  • Benefits of continuing to play your instrument
  • On studying scores
  • Teaching/conducting at different levels
  • Wind players teaching strings
  • Carl St. Clair
  • Michael’s Path to the Podium
  • The “Educator” Stigma
  • Shaping the sound of the orchestra
  • On programming for youth groups
  • Supermaximum
  • Kevin Noe
  • Michael’s other hobbies
  • Conducting and the martial arts
  • Michael’s Billboards

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