PT3: Advice for Students

Luke and I are just starting the second year of our Master’s degrees and neither of us can really believe how much we’ve learned and how much our conducting has changed in just one short year. We’ve gone through two semesters of grad school and so much has changed in how we see our schooling and our work and our lives, and today we are sharing a couple of those changes with you. Join us as we discuss building routines into your life, surrounding yourself with the right people, observing rehearsals, and working out to Mahler 5!

This week we discuss:

  • “Only do what only you can do” vs “Only do what you can do”
    • Working with purpose and avoiding being discouraged
  • “Throwin’ weight at the gym to Mahler 5”
    • Going to the gym, eating healthy, and some of what’s on Luke’s gym playlist.
  • “Friends Play for Pizza”
    • Winning friends and practicing communication.
  • Why you should study alone…but with friends!
    • Getting an Accountabilibuddy!
  • Surrounding yourself with passionate people
  • Building routines into your life
    • “Practice is no longer a chore, it’s just a part of my day.”
  • Free Time vs Leisure Time
  • Taking every opportunity to Conduct, Observe, and Play.
    • In Orchestra, Band, Choir, or anything!
  • The Benefits and Process of Observing Rehearsals
    • Seeing HOW to rehearse
    • Seeing WHAT to rehearse
    • Seeing inside the music
    • Seeing the problem solving during rehearsals
  • Examples of Tuba in the Infernal Dance
    • And how we’ve seen it fixed
  • Listen to our other episodes!
  • Upcoming interview “Probing the Score” with Mark Mandarano

Resources from Episode 3

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