PT2: Gary Lewis and Larry Livingston on Workshops

This year Luke and I had the immense pleasure of attending the CU Boulder Orchestral Conducting Symposium (workshop). We learned so much from our colleagues, from the musicians, and especially from our master teachers: Gary Lewis and Larry Livingston. In this special episode of Podium Time, we talk with Lewis and Livingston at the end of a fantastic week.

In this episode we covered:

  • History of and Reason for the Conducting Workshop
  • How to Prepare for Workshops
  • Developing your Conducting Technique
  • How to Apply what you’ve Learned
  • How to Solidify Changes
  • Listening vs. Hearing
  • The Most Common Bad Habits
  • Advice on Growing as a Conductor

All of that plus three little extra nuggets of wisdom from Larry, so listen all the way to the end!

Find Gary Lewis online here, Larry Livingston online here, and more info on the Symposium for next year here.

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