PT15: “The Only Words you have to Utter,” with Eduardo Navega

Before the founding of Podium Time, Luke and I compiled a list of conductors that we just had to have on the podcast, and Eduardo Navega was right at the top! We worked with him at the Bard Conductors Institute (I’ve typed that sentence so many times on these pages!) and every student there could attest to his kindness and love of the craft. We were both surprised, looking back, that it took us this long to have him on the show (our fault, not his!), but here he is, and we’re excited to share this conversation with such a great conductor and teacher about rehearsal, score study, and leadership.

Show Notes:

  • Develop Technique that shows the music!
    • Be aware of what you are doing in front of the orchestra.
    • If the orchestra falls apart while you are conducting and make a mistake, maybe that means they were watching! Is that bad?
    • Conducting isn’t all glamorous.
  • Your goal should be to bring the music to the people to enjoy!
    • They aren’t there to see you.
  • Score Preparation
    • Know the music well and make your gestures show that.
    • On using a metronome
    • On using recordings
  • Conducting students vs. professionals.
  • Books and Resources
  • Travel and experience new places and culture and let them influence how you interpret music!
  • Do your research and learn about what was going on in the lives of the composers when they wrote each piece.
  • The All-Knowing Billboard!

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