PT14: “Start at the Downbeat,” with Silas Nathaniel Huff

Part 2 is here! Due to snow, our interview with Silas Huff was a bit extended, so this week we are including all the great information that we couldn’t fit into the first episode! We discuss all things about conducting workshops: running, applying for, and attending, as well as understanding your body, listening to recordings, and how to optimize your resume.

This week we discuss:

  • Your Job at a Workshop
  • Foundations of ICI workshops
    • Upcoming workshops in Boulder, New York, Missouri, and the Czech Republic
  • How to Know your Body
  • On Listening to Recordings
  • How awesome JoAnn Falletta is, and what you can learn from her
  • How to be Sure they Watch your Audition Video
  • Tailoring your Conducting Resume


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