PT13: “Without Greed,” with Silas Nathaniel Huff

References leads to more references! Our guest from episode 6, Christopher Kelts, suggested that we reach out to Silas Huff, and what a great suggestion it was! After listening to every episode we’ve published, Huff popped onto Podium Time and enjoyed our longest interview yet! Are you making the music sound better? If not, you’re doing something wrong. Tune in next time for the second half of our discussion, and for some advice on applying for workshops from somebody who runs them!

I’d like to plug the ICI Workshops now, as it won’t be for another two weeks that we discuss them on the podcast. Huff’s company ensures affordable workshops around the country and the world, with a special few in the Midwest. Check them out at

Show notes for Episode 13

This week we discuss:

  • The Military Path for Musicians
  • Advice for Starting your Orchestra
  • The Philosophy of Taoism and how it relates to Leading an Orchestra
  • Your One and Only Job as a Conductor


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