PT108: Programming for Pops and Family with Enrico Lopez-Yañez

Today we discuss:

  • How Enrico came to specialize in pops and family programming (3:23)
  • How Enrico structures a Pops season and how the Nashville Symphony competes with all the other music available in Nashville. (6:24)
  • Enrico shares his process for creating family concerts and the goals behind them (18:07)
  • How Symphonica productions is helping orchestras build audiences for the future (28:58)
  • Advice on how regional, community, and educational directors can improv their pops and family programming (36:30)
  • Enrico’s Final Advice: Don’t treat pops or family as lesser than classics (49:24)
  • Gem and Billboard (55:40): Lucía, by Vinicio Meza

(Note: timecodes may be up to two minutes off, depending on pre-episode announcements.)

Visit Enrico on his website, or click below to learn more about The Upbeat Podcast, Everything Conducting, and Symphonica Productions.

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