PT100 LiveStream Extravaganza

Welcome to the Podium Time Episode 100 Extravaganza, PT100! This episode was originally streamed through our Facebook page on February 20th to celebrate our 100th episode and to raise money for the Project Inclusion Freeman Conducting Fellowship through Chicago Sinfonietta.

This episode features live QnA with Jeremy, Luke, and of our most popular guests, some of our earliest conducting clips, the history of Podium Time, and messages from the Podium Time family.

Please head to the Chicago Sinfonietta to make a donation in support of Project Inclusion.

Audio Only:

Full Video:

This week on PT100:

  • Clips from the family, questions, conducting videos, history (08:10)
  • Live Sessions with past favorites
    • Thomas Taylor Dickey (59:11)
    • Kevin Noe (1:18:28)
    • Carolyn Watson (1:39:17)
      • Podium Time Blues (1:56:48)
    • Tito Muñoz (1:59:04)
    • Brett Mitchell (9:19:06)
  • Final QnA (2:41:09)

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