PT73: “How to Practice without an Orchestra and Learn from Historic Recordings,” with David Hattner

Today David Hattner teaches us how to practice without an orchestra, and walks us through the spectacular world of Historic recordings by some of the greatest conductors of the past. We dig into some of the most important recordings of Brahms’ 4th symphony, how and why some conductors were different in rehearsal, live performance, and studio recordings, and look at a side of Bernstein as a conductor that you’ve never seen before. We also discuss how David came from a performance background and learned to practice conducting when he wasn’t conducting, how to teach young musicians and youth orchestras to watch a conductor, and an extra special tip on how to use a metronome correctly.

You will learn:

  • Why young musicians are often the best to judge of the quality of a new piece of music
  • George Szell as a leader, musician, interpreter, and teacher
  • The most important recordings of Brahms’ 4th Symphony to reveal the range of possibilities in interpretation
  • Learning how to learn from historical recordings by conductors alive at the time of Brahms and Tchaikovsky
  • The two veins of interpretation in great conductors of the past
  • How to teach young musicians and youth orchestras how to watch a conductor
  • Why you should isolate and practice basic patterns and techniques of conducting separate from any music
  • Why you should always use a metronome, but by putting it on the off-beats instead of on the beats while you practice
  • How to practice and improve when you’re not able to conduct regularly
  • The incredible music by Dvořák that you’ve never heard of

Follow the Portland Youth Philharmonic on their website or see David conduct on their Youtube page.

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