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Finding Clarity: What are you Trying to Say?

In this first experimental episode of the podcast, we seek clarity by asking what we’re trying to say at any point in our study, rehearsal, or performance. Let us know what you think of these mini episodes. What do you want to hear more of? What should we cover? Reach out on social media or … Continue reading

PT104: Common Sense and Working with People, with Carl Topilow

Today we’re excited to speak with conductor Carl Topilow all about his new book, The Orchestral Conductor’s Career Handbook. We cover his advice for young conductors and musicians wanting to start conducting, how to make sure you’re ready to win an audition, and how to pick the best school for you.

PT101: “Polishing the Potential in Young Conductors,” with Mei-Ann Chen

Today we’re talking with Mei-Ann Chen, Music Director of Chicago Sinfonietta, about enhancing your rehearsals with Rehearsal Language, how she led the orchestra to win a MacArthur Award for their Theatrical and Diverse Programming, and how her Project Inclusion Conducting Fellows learn and prepare for a professional conducting career. This interview was originally recorded for … Continue reading

PT100 LiveStream Extravaganza

Welcome to the Podium Time Episode 100 Extravaganza! This episode was originally streamed through our Facebook page on February 20th to celebrate our 100th episode and to raise money for the Project Inclusion Freeman Conducting Fellowship through Chicago Sinfonietta. This episode features live QnA with Jeremy, Luke, and of our most popular guests, some of … Continue reading

PT99: How to Design an Exceptional Career, with Ankush Bahl

PT99: How to Design an Exceptional Career: Ankush Bahl on Crafting a Narrative, Reading the Room, and Setting Yourself up for Success

Today we’re talking with Ankush Kumar Bahl, Music Director Designate of the Omaha Symphony and founding member of EverythingConducting.com. Ankush has been incredibly intentional with his career by being strategic in crafting a narrative and seeking out the teachers and opportunities to help him achieve a series of clear goals. Today we talk about his process for designing his career … Continue reading

PT98: “Learning Together: The Power of Conductors in Collaboration,” Kevin Sütterlin and Mathias Elmer on Building Sinfonietta Memphis as Co-Music Directors, Leading Effective Education Programs, and Performance Practice for Mozart and Beethoven

Today we’ve got a special episode with the conducting duo of Kevin Suetterlin and Mathias Elmer, Co-Music Directors of Sinfonietta Memphis.  In this episode, we dive into how two conductors (and friends) can collaborate and learn together, plus how they founded the orchestra and create incredible engagement in their education programs.  This episode also features some … Continue reading

PT95: “Finding Comfort in Who You Are,” Anna Edwards on Seeking Diverse Stories, Embracing your Physicality, and Leading from Comfort

Today we talk with Anna Edwards, Music Director of the Seattle Collaborative Orchestra, the Saratoga Orchestra, and the Pacific Northwest Conducting Institute, about how and why to seek out music by underrepresented composers, why conductors (women especially) should embrace their own physicality and body type, and why being comfortable on the podium is critical to … Continue reading

PT92: “Fighting for Gender and Racial Balance in Classical Music,” with Elizabeth de Brito, Host of the Daffodil Perspective

Today we talk with Elizabeth de Brito, host of The Daffodil Perspective, the first gender-balanced, racially equitable, and inclusive classical radio show in the world, celebrating female composers every week. In its two years so far, Elizabeth has discovered and shared mountains of music that, unfortunately, you’ve never heard by women and composers of color … Continue reading

PT91: “Let’s Talk Off The Podium,” with Tigran Arakelyan

Today we’re very excited to feature a fellow conductor and podcaster, Tigran Arakelyan. Tigran is the host of Let’s Talk Off The Podium, a podcast of interviews with professional musicians of all disciplines, including Classical and Jazz. Today we talk about the variety of guests and musicians that Tigran on his podcast and his new … Continue reading

PT80: “How to Learn Scores Quickly,” with Julius P. Williams

Today we chat with to chat with Julius P. Williams, President of the International Conductors Guild and professor of conducting and composition at Berlkee College of Music. We’re also experimenting with releasing some shorter, more focused podcast episodes so today is Part 2 of 2. In our first release with Julius we talked about conducting … Continue reading

PT78: “How to be Relevant and Embrace your Community,” with Aram Demirjian

Today we speak with Aram Demirjian, Music Director of the Knoxville Symphony, about how he transitioned from an Assistant Conductor to a Music Director, how to determine what “relevant” means to your community, and why conductors are like politicians in our responsibilities, relationships, and the influence we wield.

PT66: “Change Face,” with Apo Hsu

Today we’re talking with Apo Hsu, and this interview has been literally years in the making. She was the conductor of our city’s orchestra before we started in music, so we just missed her there by a few years. And then when Luke and and I were at Bard in 2016 we finally set concrete … Continue reading

PT65: “Less is More,” with Ian Passmore

Today we talk with Ian Passmore about how opposite conducting styles can synergize, why you should join the Conductors Guild, and how to show the ensemble that you trust them. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, the Podium Time Inner Circle. If you’d … Continue reading

PT64: With Joshua Weilerstein, Host of the Sticky Notes Podcast

Today we talk with Joshua Weilerstein about the surprising things he’s learned from hosting a Classical Music Podcast, why a chamber orchestra may be ideal for a Brahms Symphony, and how a teacher can identify what’s behind your bad habits. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue the conversation in … Continue reading

PT62: Tito Muñoz on: Why Great Orchestras Aren’t “Lagging,” New Perspectives for the Rite of Spring, and Invaluable Advice for Young Conductors

Today we talk with Tito Muñoz about why orchestras don’t actually lag behind the conductor, why we should update our understanding of the Rite of Spring, and the ultimate advice for improving as a musician. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, the Podium Time … Continue reading

PT60: “Ballet and Beyond,” with Ming Luke

Today we talk with Ming Luke, Principal Conductor of the Nashville Ballet, about the vocabulary of ballet dancers, how to work with Choreographers and directors, and why communication is everything. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, the Podium Time Inner Circle. If you’d like … Continue reading

PT57: Conducting Petrushka, with Larry Rachleff

When I say incredible, I don’t just mean every-day incredible. This recording is absolutely incredible. Larry Rachleff walks us through the first two parts of Petrushka at the 2019 International Conducting Workshop and Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. He goes in to every detail of what it takes to conduct and rehearse and what’s going to … Continue reading

PT55: “The Most Positive Impact,” with Alexandra Enyart

This week we talk with Alexandra Enyart about why you should meet everybody, how we can tell more stories, and making the most positive impact. Every step on your journey is important How do we make the most positive impact? Thompson Street Opera How Teddy Abrams meets everybody Chicago Sinfonietta Project Inclusion Making a statement … Continue reading

PT52: “To be a Servant,” with Erin Freeman

This week we talk with Erin Freeman about what to avoid when writing a pre-concert lecture, what it means to be a servant, and why you must make form charts. This week we discuss: Why you should conduct winds as if they’re pizzicato What she learned from taking six conducting classes in her undegrad What … Continue reading

PT51: “Building Audiences and Orchestras,” with Harvey Felder

This week we talk with Harvey Felder about developing a relationship with your audiences, one reason that you should walk away from an interview, and why you need to eat your vegetables! Harvey’s Hidden Gems: Roberto Sierra: Tropicalia A Joyous Overture Libby Larsen String Symphony Parachute Dancing George Walker Lyric for Strings Icarus in Orbit … Continue reading

PT50: “Demystify the Score,” with Paul McShee

This week we talk with Paul McShee about how to force yourself into leading efficient rehearsals, the advice and issues that Marin Alsop focuses on her with her students, and how every step of Paul’s score study process helps demystify the score. Links from this episode: Markand Thakar: On Music and Conducting Montgomery Variations by … Continue reading

PT49: “Keys to a Successful Rehearsal,” with Donald Schleicher

Today we discuss: Creating a Positive Rehearsal Environment, how to use your conducting to encourage listening within the ensemble, and the question you should ask yourself before every rehearsal. As we gathered for our first discussion with Maestro Schleicher at last month’s ICI workshop in Boulder, we expected a general Q&A over many topics. How … Continue reading

PT48: “Study Scores!” with Ching-Chun Lai

From Gunther Schuller and Frank Battisti, Ching-Chun Lai learned how to approach scores as a composer and identify style and architecture. Today we speak about that and more as Ching-Chun walks us through her score study process, building the most important foundations of a conducting education, and making the most of your resources as a … Continue reading

PT44: “Focus on the Big Picture,” with Foster Beyers

This week we discuss: Foster’s Path to the Podium Why do conductors live so long, and why do they all play trombone? Shout-out to Brad Lambrecht How Middle-school is like College Focus on the Big Picture Rotating the string seating Love is not dictated by logic Foster’s Teachers: Hidden Gems Stravinsky – The Fairy’s Kiss … Continue reading

PT43: “Imperfection is Required,” with Christopher Koch

Today we sit down for a fantastic in-person discussion with a long-time friend, Dr. Christopher Koch. We were so glad to get this opportunity while Jeremy was in Missouri for Christmas, and the results do not disappoint! Get the new year started with this incredible interview. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, … Continue reading

PT42 – “Kick-Ass Score Study,” with Kevin Noe

Kick-Ass doesn’t even begin to describe Kevin Noe. Actor, writer, conductor, and lover of fine headphones, Kevin is our most-requested guest on the podcast yet, and today he walks us through his exploration of Mozart 40, the celebration of dissonance, and an awesome opportunity for mixing music and wine this summer. Dig into great Score … Continue reading

PT41: Jeremy’s Favorite Podcasts and Books

It turns out that conductors are pretty busy during the holidays. Who knew! So, since everybody’s busy with performances of the Nutcracker, Jeremy is going solo today and sharing some of my favorite Podcasts and Books for all you conductors and students out there. Podcasts Music San Francisco Symphony: Program Notes Podcast CoffeeHouse Classical Music … Continue reading

PT40: “Your Musical Opinion,” with Michael Mapp

Today, Luke and Alex lead our first interview with a Band Director, Dr. Michael Mapp, and it does not disappoint in the slightest. His answer to Luke’s question about what our education is lacking hits home in more than one way. What are you bringing to the music that you conduct and how are you … Continue reading

PT39: 3 Steps to Forming an Ensemble

You’ve got recitals to schedule and you’ve got audition videos to make, but how? Today, Luke and I share our 3 Steps to Forming an Ensemble and getting players together for your recital: What, When, and Who. Tune in to find out why this order is critical, how to keep rehearsals professional, and tips to … Continue reading

PT38: Let’s Talk Resumes!

Doesn’t matter how good you are if they never see you! Today (well, actually, last month) Luke and I sit down to discuss building our resumes and tips for putting them together. Find out what we’re doing now and some of the best ways to show the committee that you’ve got what it takes. This … Continue reading

PT37: “Culture is an Ocean,” with Nick Carthy

Today we sat down to talk with Maestro Nick Carthy, who’s traveling the world as you read this! Maestro Nick is the opera conductor at CU Boulder as well as a regular guest conductor around the globe. He shares with us his incredible line of teachers, tips for entering the opera field, why Powder Her … Continue reading

PT36: Building Left-Hand Independence

Stop! Why are you mirroring? Put your left hand down! Stop conducting! What is that hand doing? Why are you mirroring again? Have you heard these words screamed above an orchestra? Today we tackle the a perennial issue for young (and some experienced) conductors: how to develop your left-hand. Luke and Jeremy discuss some tips, … Continue reading

PT35: The “Educator” Stigma, with Michael Isadore

On reference from not one, but two of our listeners, we are speaking this week with Michael Isadore! Michael is a busy conductor, teacher, and performer who leads players of all ages and experiences. We discuss teaching strings when you’re not a string player, why you should always play your instrument, and dealing with the … Continue reading

PT34: Preparing for the Perfect Audition

In Part 3 of our series on researching and getting into your perfect school, we tackle the final step: auditioning! Jeremy and Luke share some tips and their experiences with auditions including preparing to conduct a piece you haven’t conducted before. Listen to Part 1 on researching schools and Part 2 on preparing your videos. … Continue reading

PT33: JoAnn Falletta Returns!

The title explains it all! Today we are incredibly excited to feature as our first return guest on the Podium Time Podcast: the incredible JoAnn Falletta! This week, JoAnn talks with us about how she schedules her study for concerts 1 year out and 1 week out, the many shades of leadership on the podium, … Continue reading

PT32: Making the Perfect Audition Video

Now onto those pesky conducting videos! Part 2 of our 3-part series on getting into a Master’s program deals with preparing your audition videos to get the best quality and most attention. How closely should you follow the video requirements? What about rehearsal footage? Does this count as “performance” footage? How should the video start? … Continue reading

PT31: “Building Rep.,” with William R. Langley

Once you’ve met Buddy Langley, you’ll never forget him. Today Luke and I reconnect with a friend who has strong opinions about Cincinnati Chili and is quickly becoming a rising star conductor. Buddy walks us through starting his ensemble, the Memphis Repertory Orchestra, and how relationships are one of the most important aspects of our … Continue reading

PT30: Finding the Perfect School

It’s that time of year when seniors scramble to research programs, visit campuses, and submit materials. But how do you find a master’s program that fits you? How do you find a teacher that’s just right? Today Luke and Jeremy discuss how to find and decide on a Master’s in conducting program that works for … Continue reading

PT29: Orchestrating a Season, with Tony Pierce

What does it take to design a full 53 concert season? Today we sit down with the Colorado Symphony’s Chief Artistic Officer Tony Pierce to discuss how the season is put together, how to secure soloists like Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman, and how they decide on what guest conductors to invite back. Tony also … Continue reading

PT28: Should I Pursue Band or Orchestral Conducting?

The Podium Time audience has spoken! Luke and I are incorporating shorter discussion episodes into this second season and the listeners (accidentally) decided on the first topic. The question that we’ve been sent the most by our listeners is…drum-roll… whether one should pursue a master’s in band or orchestral conducting! Today, Luke and I sit … Continue reading

From the Archive: Peter Bay on Bernstein

It’s Bernstein’s 100th Birthday! Today we’re digging into the archive for the Bernstein Centenary with a re-edited version of our discussion with Peter Bay on Bernstein and his Mass. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, the Podium Time Inner Circle. If you’d like to … Continue reading

PT27: “The Musician’s Burden,” with Benjamin Rous

Today we continue our talk with Benjamin Rous and discuss his experiences conducting from the harpsichord (with some twists!). Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue the conversation in our Facebook Group, the Podium Time Inner Circle. If you’d like to support the podcast monetarily and get bonus content, consider joining … Continue reading

PT26: Anniversary Special, with Jeremy and Luke!!!

Podium Time turns 1 year old today!!! Celebrate with your hosts as we go over the past year, talk about their new positions and plans, and announce some changes coming in the next season. Please reach out by email or via our Facebook page to let us know what YOU want to hear about on … Continue reading

PT25: A Mini Masterclass on Programming, with Brett Mitchell

We return from break with an extra treat from our recent discussion with Brett. He walks us through his programming philosophy with a few examples from the Colorado Symphony’s upcoming season. Listen to the first half of our interview here. This week we discuss: Kevin Puts’ Millennium Cannons Mason Bates’ The B-Sides CSO’s Dvorak 9 … Continue reading

PT21: Diane Wittry on Gesture and Programming

This is an interview that we’ve been looking forward to since before the podcast launched, and we were honored last week for the chance to finally talk shop with Diane Wittry, the author of two essential books for both young conductors and Music Directors: Beyond the Baton and Baton basics. This week we talk about … Continue reading

PT20: “All About Workshops,” with Thomas Taylor Dickey

Just in time for Workshop season, today’s episode is a mini-masterclass on everything about workshops. Thomas Taylor Dickey has been to just about every one and shares how to pick the right ones, apply for them, prepare for them, and learn as much as possible while you’re there. We also discuss some of his favorite … Continue reading

PT19: Bernstein’s Mass and More,with Peter Bay

Have you ever seen the Bernstein Mass? Well, this is the year to do it! Today we talk with Peter Bay, Music Director of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, about his upcoming performance of Bernstein’s Mass, fully staged for the first time in the entire state of Texas. Bay also shares some actionable advice for deepening … Continue reading

PT18: “If You Miss a Cue,” with Gianmaria Griglio

A violin is a violin, but no two singers are the same. Today we talk with Gianmaria Griglio about the importance of imagination, the most important aspect of score study, and how we expect people to listen to concerts. This week we discuss: Music education in the U.S. and Europe On conducting opera Conductor mistakes … Continue reading

PT17: “Don’t Yell into the Well,” with Emilio Guarino

Today we talk with Emilio Guarino about his book “Make It: A Guide for Recent Music Graduates,” as well as some of our biggest mistakes in advertising and thinking about our events. How can we create a shared experience and attract audiences that don’t know anything about our music? We share some ideas in this … Continue reading

PT16: “Learn by Teaching,” with Lawrence Golan

What can we learn from teaching? Lawrence Golan’s Score Study Passes have been mentioned more than once in the short history of our podcast, and today you can learn how he dissects a score from the man himself. We discuss his method, Academic vs Professional conducting, and some of the biggest shortcomings in our education. … Continue reading

PT14: “Start at the Downbeat,” with Silas Nathaniel Huff

Part 2 is here! Due to snow, our interview with Silas Huff was a bit extended, so this week we are including all the great information that we couldn’t fit into the first episode! We discuss all things about conducting workshops: running, applying for, and attending, as well as understanding your body, listening to recordings, and … Continue reading

PT13: “Without Greed,” with Silas Nathaniel Huff

References leads to more references! Our guest from episode 6, Christopher Kelts, suggested that we reach out to Silas Huff, and what a great suggestion it was! After listening to every episode we’ve published, Huff popped onto Podium Time and enjoyed our longest interview yet! Are you making the music sound better? If not, you’re … Continue reading

PT12: Breaking In, with Robert Debbaut

How do we break into the scene and build relationships that lead to great conducting opportunities? Robert Debbaut talks with us about how he “hung out” with Gustav Meier for a year, the extra-musical benefits of observing the Chicago Symphony, and how he started an orchestra by cold-calling almost 600 musicians. This week we discuss: … Continue reading

PT11: The Seven Trips through the Score, with Wes Kenney

Today we talk again with my teacher Maestro Wes Kenney about his detailed Score Study method, identifying what conducting students need to learn, and the importance of Human Connections. Show notes for Episode 11: Kenney’s Graduate Conducting class Developing a Score Study System The “Silent” Final Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People … Continue reading


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