Podcast Episodes

PT60: “Ballet and Beyond,” with Ming Luke

Today we talk with Ming Luke, Principal Conductor of the Nashville Ballet, about the vocabulary of ballet dancers, how to work with Choreographers and directors, and why communication is everything. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and … Continue reading

PT38: Let’s Talk Resumes!

Doesn’t matter how good you are if they never see you! Today (well, actually, last month) Luke and I sit down to discuss building our resumes and tips for putting them together. Find out what we’re doing now and some … Continue reading

PT34: Preparing for the Perfect Audition

In Part 3 of our series on researching and getting into your perfect school, we tackle the final step: auditioning! Jeremy and Luke share some tips and their experiences with auditions including preparing to conduct a piece you haven’t conducted … Continue reading

PT33: JoAnn Falletta Returns!

The title explains it all! Today we are incredibly excited to feature as our first return guest on the Podium Time Podcast: the incredible JoAnn Falletta! This week, JoAnn talks with us about how she schedules her study for concerts … Continue reading

PT32: Making the Perfect Audition Video

Now onto those pesky conducting videos! Part 2 of our 3-part series on getting into a Master’s program deals with preparing your audition videos to get the best quality and most attention. How closely should you follow the video requirements? … Continue reading

PT30: Finding the Perfect School

It’s that time of year when seniors scramble to research programs, visit campuses, and submit materials. But how do you find a master’s program that fits you? How do you find a teacher that’s just right? Today Luke and Jeremy … Continue reading

From the Archive: Peter Bay on Bernstein

It’s Bernstein’s 100th Birthday! Today we’re digging into the archive for the Bernstein Centenary with a re-edited version of our discussion with Peter Bay on Bernstein and his Mass. Connect with us on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram at @PodiumTimePod, and continue … Continue reading

PT12: Breaking In, with Robert Debbaut

How do we break into the scene and build relationships that lead to great conducting opportunities? Robert Debbaut talks with us about how he “hung out” with Gustav Meier for a year, the extra-musical benefits of observing the Chicago Symphony, … Continue reading

PT3: Advice for Students

Luke and I are just starting the second year of our Master’s degrees and neither of us can really believe how much we’ve learned and how much our conducting has changed in just one short year. We’ve gone through two semesters … Continue reading

PT2: Gary Lewis and Larry Livingston

This year Luke and I had the immense pleasure of attending the CU Boulder Orchestral Conducting Symposium. We learned so much from our colleagues, from the musicians, and especially from our master teachers: Gary Lewis and Larry Livingston. In this special episode of Podium Time, we talk with Lewis and Livingston at the end of a fantastic week. Continue reading

PT1: JoAnn Falletta

For our first interview we had the immense pleasure of talking with the phenomenal JoAnn Falletta, music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic and Virginia Symphony, and the Principle Guest Conductor of the Brevard Music Center. Continue reading

PT0: Podium Time Intro

Hey, everybody! Jeremy (right) and Luke (left) here.This is just a quick introduction episode to the podcast. It’s very casual, not scripted, and just a quick way for you to see us how we are when we’re just chatting. We talk briefly about our plans for Podium Time and our stories as conductors. Continue reading