PT71: “The Best Tool for the Job,” with Phil Aguglia of PaGu Batons

Today we talk with Phil Aguglia of PaGu Batons about he learned about the baton preferences of hundreds of conductors, how he started making custom batons for JoAnn Falletta of the Buffalo Philharmonic, his custom Baton for the 2020 Oscars celebration, and how differences in material and proportions affect just about every aspect of our batons.

This episode is also available in video

You will learn:

  • All about batons!
  • Why conductors may choose one baton over another
  • How to find a baton that’s comfortable
  • Why Phil doesn’t use Carbon Fiber at Pagu to make batons
  • The massive effect of weight distribution on gesture, style, and tension
  • How each conductors’ job requires a specific tool
  • The custom baton THAT Phil made for the 2020 Oscars

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