PT89: Summary/Review of Markand Thakar’s “Make Beautiful Music,” with Jeremy and Luke

This course is incredible. I couldn’t wait to share everything that I learned with Luke and the rest of our patrons and listeners. Today, I’m walking Luke, and you, through everything that I got from Markand Thakar’s “Make Beautiful Music” online course. Be sure to check it out, then sign up for the next session.

About Make Beautiful Music:

  • Markand’s philosophy of the Transcendent Experience and how we can best make them possible for our audiences (03:18)
  • An example of how energy plays into the analysis and performance of a short piece. Plus, hear Jeremy sing Lightly Row (11:06)
  • Practical lessons on the function of tempo and tension (18:53)
  • Practical lessons on hearing, practicing, and fixing balance (30:10)
  • Final notes on score study and how an understanding of energy helps to connect all the parts of an entire movement (35:31)
  • Closing thoughts on asking the right questions and the value of the course (37:26)

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