PT87: “Developing a Vision and Achieving Growth for your Orchestra,” with Janna Hymes

Today we talk with Janna Hymes, Music Director of the Carmel Symphony Orchestra. In this interview we discuss Janna’s new position in Carmel, how she sets goals in the artistic, marketing, development, and education areas to grow her orchestras, and how she communicates that vision to her board and administration. We also discuss the importance of programming for your orchestra’s community and the community of any concert, and how to use creative and varied education and pops programming to both attract new audiences and present fantastically engaging concerts. 

Today we discuss:

  • How Janna sets goals to grow her orchestras, audiences, and communities through collaborations, new programs, and creative projects (4:30)
  • Responsibility in programming for you community as a Music Director, and how to feature new composers effectively (13:23)
  • Advice for young conductors, and the extra-musical skills that are necessary to be an effective conductor and leader (25:07)
  • One of the scariest parts of Janna’s career, and what we can learn from her experiences (34:17)
  • Using creative Educational and Pops concerts to make an impact on our communities and attract new audiences (44:11)
  • Janna’s 5-year plan for the Carmel Symphony, and how she defined and communicated growth for the orchestra’s board and administration. (1:01:15)
  • Programming hidden gems and masterworks to delight audiences with variety (1:20:45)
  • Janna’s billboard, and what to remember when you’re worried about anything (1:31:58)

You can hear a more recent update from Janna on the new interview show Coffee with the Maestro, hosted by past guest and very good friend Silas Huff.

Interview with Janna: 
Interview with Jeremy:

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