PT107: Teaching Your Audience to Listen, with George Marriner Maull

Conductor George Marriner Maull
and the Discovery Orchestra
are teaching audiences to…
Listen to Music!

In a time when we tend to hear music in the background, we’ve lost (or never learned) the skill of listening to music. How many of your audience members are reading the program notes or lost in thoughts about green beans? Probably most of them. Today we are learning how to teach our audience to listen.

The unabridged episode is no longer available, but you can still visit our Patreon community

Today we discuss:

  • The origin of the Discovery Orchestra, an orchestra that exclusively performs educational concerts
  • The format of the Discovery Concerts and how Maestro Maull teaches audiences how to listen to classical music
  • How learning to listen well through classical music enhances all the music that audiences listen to
  • The most effective pieces Maestro Maull has found for teaching audiences to listen
  • Maestro Maull’s closing advice, billboard, and hidden gems

Visit the Discovery Orchestra at, and watch their broadcasted Discovery Concerts on Amazon Video.

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