PT99: How to Design an Exceptional Career, with Ankush Bahl

Today we’re talking with Ankush Kumar Bahl, Music Director Designate of the Omaha Symphony and founding member of about how to design an exceptional career in any field.

Ankush has been incredibly intentional with his career by being strategic in crafting a narrative and seeking out the teachers and opportunities to help him achieve a series of clear goals. Today we talk about his process for designing his career to be exceptional, and why he can never fail at it. We also talk about how to read the room to make sure that you’re pursuing something you can excel at, and how to find the clear next steps on your journey to being a conductor at any level.

Today we Discuss:

  • Ankush’s path to the podium and what drew him to conducting (1:13)
  • How to design a career for success by discovering what is possible and being intentional with your next actions (5:56)
  • The qualities that Ankush identified about almost all top-tier conductors, and how you can apply those lessons to critiquing your own videos (14:04)
  • Why it’s important to “Read the Room” while designing your future why you should avoid paths that you won’t be great at. (20:56)
  • Defining Success for yourself by getting objective feedback on your potential, and setting reasonable expectations and bottlenecks (32:06)
  • How to reverse engineer any career to determine the concrete next steps towards success (45:01)
  • Why you must “plant seeds” in every relationship, interaction, and opportunity you have (53:56)
  • Why it’s critical to craft a narrative for your career (1:04:06)
  • How Ankush and his colleagues are contributing to the field through (1:19:20)

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