How to fix your concerts and marketing, with Ruth Hartt

Classical Music Marketing has never been more important. And Ruth Hartt is an arts marketing genius! Join us in this episode to discuss how we can fix our concerts and our marketing to be more welcoming to the outsiders that we desperately need. 

Insider audiences are too small, and we don’t know how to attract classical music outsiders to our concerts. So how do we get new people to listen to classical music?

Through “The Art of Gathering” and “Jobs to Be Done Theory,” Ruth Hartt has developed principles for attracting, welcoming, and changing new audiences for the better.

Podcast Interview with Ruth Hartt

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Video Interview with Ruth Hartt

In this Episode:

  • 1:47 Why classical music organizations are struggling and how Ruth is helping build back audiences
  • 5:37 How “The Art of Gathering” redefines the purpose of our concerts
  • 9:45 “Jobs to be Done” Theory and its radical implications for arts marketing
  • 22:07 New marketing examples for arts organizations
  • 24:33 Why unspoken concert etiquette is anti-diversity
  • 33:28 Ego-Centric Marketing and how to fix our message
  • 42:00 What has Ruth changed her mind about?
  • 44:04 Closing: Plugs, Hidden Gem, and Billboard

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