PT75: “How to Boost Rehearsals with Effective Conducting Gesture,” with Gianmaria Griglio

Hello, and welcome to Podium Time. Today we’re welcoming a returning guest on the show, Maestro Gianmaria Griglio, who first appeared on the podcast all the way back on episode 18, “If You Miss a Cue.” Today’s discussion is all about technique and rehearsals, and why just knowing the score is not enough to effectively communicate with an orchestra. We dig into how to translate the score into conducting gesture, how effective technique will improve your rehearsals, and when and why you should break beat patterns. We also discuss Gianmaria’s new conducting course “Pass the Baton” on the iClassical Academy and the challenges and benefits of teaching conducting digitally or through a video course.

Between our recording and this release, Gianmaria has been posting a lot of awesome conducting videos on his youtube page breaking down major pieces and showing how to apply the techniques that we discuss in this episode.

You will Learn:

  • Why knowledge of the score is not enough, and how to reach the next level
  • How learning Conducting from an online teacher or course is infinitely better than learning from a textbook
  • How your technique changes the way that the orchestra watches you
  • How to derive your physical gesture from what’s in the score, and how to create conducting gestures that communicate music to the orchestra rather than only conducting in patterns
  • Why pulse and time are more important than the pattern of your beat
  • Why sound is the most important thing we do with our hands and the factors that lead players to ignore a conductor
  • How Gianmaria selected 170 opera composers for the Opera Odyssey Project and discovered the connections that we never saw before

Learn more about Gianmaria on his website, find instructional conducting videos on his Youtube Page, and check out his course on the iClassical Academy.

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