Best of Podium Time

Welcome to the best that our podcast has to offer!
Here you’ll find our most popular episodes arranged by category.

Episodes about Score Study, Practice, and Conducting

PT57: Conducting Petrushka, with Larry Rachleff

PT42: “Kick-Ass Score Study,” with Kevin Noe

PT68: “Analyze, Observe, and Experience Movement though Laban Analysis,” with Charles Gambetta

PT4: Probing the Score, with Mark Mandarano

PT11: The Seven Trips through the Score, with Wes Kenney

Episodes about Musicianship and Performance

PT61: “You Can’t Hide Behind Technique,” with Tito Muñoz

PT53: “The Greatest Joy of Conducting is Not Conducting,” with Mark Cedel

PT45: “Music is about Art, not Correctness,” with Charles Latshaw

PT72: “Creating a Transcendent Experience,” with Markand Thakar

Episodes about Rehearsal, Leadership, Programming, and Creativity

PT59: “On Florence Price and Diversity in Programming,” with Jordan Randall Smith

PT25: A Mini Masterclass on Programming, with Brett Mitchell

PT105: Showing Young Musicians What’s Possible,” with Damien Crutcher

PT93: Creating an Experience with Innovative Concert Design,” with John Devlin

PT77: “How to Redefine the Orchestra for Maximum Impact,” with Teddy Abrams

PT63: “Elevate Your Community Groups,” with Matthew Salvaggio

PT49: “Keys to a Successful Rehearsal,” with Donald Schleicher

PT:54 “Don’t Shout at the Orchestra,” with Christopher Zimmerman

PT67: “Build the House before you Hang the Curtains,” with Kenneth Kiesler

PT51: “Building Audiences and Orchestras,” with Harvey Felder

PT1: JoAnn Falletta

PT23: “Please Don’t Call Me Maestro,” with Brett Mitchell

PT70: “Be a Place where Everybody Asks Questions,” with Christopher Rountree