PT66: “Change Face,” with Apo Hsu

Today we’re talking with Apo Hsu, and this interview has been literally years in the making. She was the conductor of our city’s orchestra before we started in music, so we just missed her there by a few years. And then when Luke and I were at Bard in 2016 we finally set concrete plans to start Podium Time just before spending an incredible week working with Apo at the workshop, so she was one of the first guests we wanted on the podcast. Long story short, that interview finally happened a few months ago and the wait was worth it!

Today you will learn:

  • How our bodies can get in the way of our expression
  • How we can learn physical expression from Peking Opera
  • Why we are actors and how to develop your potential
  • How to “Change Face” and express what’s actually in the music

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