PT54: “Don’t Shout at the Orchestra,” with Chris Zimmerman

This week we talk with Christopher Zimmerman about Beethoven’s best music, what to do when you think you know a piece, and what you can ruin by tuning chords.

This week we discuss:

  • Start them with the Rite of Spring
  • The most important aspects of succeeding as a conductor
  • A genealogy of score study

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1 Response to PT54: “Don’t Shout at the Orchestra,” with Chris Zimmerman

  1. Snowy Minnesota says:

    Hi. *Thanks* for doing this. Chris Zimmerman is my Music Director, and I’ve really enjoyed hearing him talk about this huge range of topics.

    Yet I wouldn’t be writing at all if it weren’t for the poor audio quality of this podcast. (My MO is to be silently grateful.) Sadly, this cast sounds like a recorded Skype session. There are so many audio artifacts that a significant number of words were unintelligible, and many more required focused attention to decipher. (Please don’t try to attribute this to Chris’s British accent; I do clearly understand British accents, varied as they are, and many of my relatives are British.) Doing better might require being face to face, and used dedicated recording equipment. (Even a little Zoom device would be better than Skype!) If it’s at all possible for you to step up the audio quality, why… please. Please do so. Because these kinds of conversations are *valuable.*




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