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PT99: How to Design an Exceptional Career, with Ankush Bahl

PT99: How to Design an Exceptional Career: Ankush Bahl on Crafting a Narrative, Reading the Room, and Setting Yourself up for Success

Today we’re talking with Ankush Kumar Bahl, Music Director Designate of the Omaha Symphony and founding member of EverythingConducting.com. Ankush has been incredibly intentional with his career by being strategic in crafting a narrative and seeking out the teachers and opportunities to help him achieve a series of clear goals. Today we talk about his process for designing his career to be exceptional, and why … Continue reading

PT98: “Learning Together: The Power of Conductors in Collaboration,” Kevin Sütterlin and Mathias Elmer on Building Sinfonietta Memphis as Co-Music Directors, Leading Effective Education Programs, and Performance Practice for Mozart and Beethoven

Today we’ve got a special episode with the conducting duo of Kevin Suetterlin and Mathias Elmer, Co-Music Directors of Sinfonietta Memphis.  In this episode, we dive into how two conductors (and friends) can collaborate and learn together, plus how they founded the orchestra and create incredible engagement in their education programs.  This episode also features some fascinating new information that changes … Continue reading

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