PT105: Showing Young Musicians What’s Possible, with Damien Crutcher

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Today we talk with conductor Damien Crutcher, Co-Founder and CEO of Crescendo Detroit, about how he adapted the best parts of El Sistema to make a difference in his community and how you can engage your students in a deeper way through collaborations between educators and performers.

This week we discuss:

  • 00:51 Damien’s work with the Detroit Symphony, and how he’s building a program to get an instrument in the hands of any kid who wants one
  • 12:49 How Damien adapted the best parts of El Sistema to make a difference in his community through Crescendo Detroit
  • 24:50 How to enhance the impact of music education by incorporating performance-focused guest teachers and showing young musicians what is possible
  • 40:05 And Introduction to H. Robert Reynolds, the Dean of Wind Band Conductors, and how he brought Damien to the next level as a conductor and musician
  • 52:55 Detroit Style Pizza, and all the best places to eat in the city
  • 57:42Hidden Gems and Final Advice

Hidden Gems:

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